Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it.” - Michelle K.

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Pancakes! :)

dawww thank you! Yessss pancakes! We shall feast on pancakes!

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Michael on their bromance: “James came in to do the screen test with me, and from there, there was a respect and friendliness between us. But then as it developed, there was more trust, and you realize that the other person’s got your back. Then the trust becomes deeper and it goes somewhere else, for sure.”

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i can’t stop thinking about how the only reason that the fire nation didn’t manage to conquer and destroy the world is because katara flipped shit on her brother for making a sexist comment and stumbled upon aang in the iceberg

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I think my favorite thing about this generation is how seriously everyone takes their Hogwarts house.

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i hate marvel merchandise i really do because if you think slapping a picture of The Avengers on the plastic wrap of a pack of tissues is going to make me buy it when I’m already out spending money that I don’t have you are absolutely right and it is infuriating. 

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do you ever feel yourself being annoying or antisocial but you just cant stop

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let’s see you try to unfollow me without any arms

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Is Caesar going to die

no spoilers please

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